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PECO Filter Vessel Series 75


Since the PECOFacet filter-sep was first developed in the 1950s, PECOFacet has been an innovative leader in the advancement of filtration/separation...
WAS Dry Gas Filter Vessel PFVP

Dry Gas

PFVP Series Dry Gas Filtervessels by WAS are designed for efficient filtration over a large flow range. The innovative placement of filtereleme...

PECO Coalescer Vessel Series 77


The Series 77V Coalescing Filter is a highly efficient filter utilizing PECO Facet’s patented PEACH® coalescing elements to remove solid parti...
PECO Scrubber Vessel Series 95SV Cyclotube


PECO Serie 95 Scrubbers allow the separation of liquids and aerosol mist out of a gas stream - various designs using Vane units, Cyclotubes, Hook Vane...
PECO Gemini PuraSep Vessel


The PEACH® Gemini PuraSep® utilizes two stages of coalescence in a single PEACH® element. Gone is the conventional 2nd stage ...

PECO ProComp Vertical Knock Out Coalescer


PECO introduces a new line of coalescer products specifically designed to meet the demanding conditions found in the compression industry. Utilizin...