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Pleated Elements

Graver Pleated PMA Filters


This all polypropylene filter retains particles with absolute efficiency. Available in a broad range of pore sizes, it is suitable for a wide rang...
Graver Pleated QMA High Efficiency Filters


This filter is constructed with a high surface area melt blown polypropylene media for low initial pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, and ...
Graver Pleated Fibreglass Filters


This high efficiency, disposable filter element is suited for a wide range of applications. The filter is constructed of pleated Borosilicate Micr...
Graver Pleated Meltblown Filters

Pleated Meltblown

Absolute Rated Filtration for Inks, Slurries and Coatings With its extra-loft, extra-life depth filter configuration, the QXL is designed for the...
Graver Pleated High Flow Filters


Graver High Flow Series filters feature a larger geometry to handle higher flows with fewer filter elements. The result is much faster, easier fil...