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Singlecartridge Filter Vessel

Singlecartridge Electropolished

Single cartridge filter housings are integrally manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel to be chemically compatible with most fluids. They are s...
Electropolished Single Bag Filter Vessel

Multicartridge Electropolished

The MCR series filter housings are entirely manufactured from 316L stainless steel to be chemically compatible with most chemical fluids.The MCR s...
High Flow Cartridge Filter Vessel


The HF/LF series filter housings are expressly designed to fit the MHF and MHL series depth cartridges. This execution permits the manufacturing o...
ASCO Pharmaceutical Cartridge Filter Vessel


The CP series cartridge housings are integrally manufactured using AISI 316L to meet the demands of critical applications particularly in the phar...
FSI Polypropylene Modular Filter Vessel


XL234 Modular Filter System makes change-outs faster and easier than ever with its unique twist-off lid. You can choose from a 7-cartridge system or...