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Pitot Tubes

Intra Automation Pitot Tubes Flowmeters

General Description

The measuring principle of a Pitot Tube is based on the theory of differential pressure. A simple, though effective measurement method, combining low installation and operation costs with great reliability, for Gas, Liquid and Steam Flow monitoring. The process connection can be threaded or flanged. Intra Automation offers the choice of different sensors, depending on line size and flow. The WinFlow calculation software is applied in the determination of the sensor size.


  • Suitable for measuring the flow of liquid and gaseous media
  • pipe diameters from 0,6 to 472 inches
  • Materials: 1.4571 and 1.4539 steel alloys / Inconel / Tantalum / Hastelloy C4
  • Low assembly costs thanks to simple installation concept
  • Reduced pressure losses in comparison with orifice-meters (energy savings ).
  • Existing pipes do not to be cut
  • Accuracy ± 1% of measured value
  • Operating temperatures: - 100 °C to + 1200 °C ( -148°F to + 2192°F)
  • Operating pressures: 0.5 to 600 bar abs. (7,242 to 8702,27 PSI A)
  • Volumetric flue gas measurement for stack gas scrubber plants; model IBF-100 sensors need not to be removed from the stack for cleaning; flue diameter up to 12,000 mm (472,44 inch)
  • Flow line can be round or angular
  • In case of contaminated medias ITABAR flow sensors can be equipped with an air purge unit.


Connection Threaded or flanged
Operational Pressure PN16 up to PN400
Pipe Sizes 1"- 80"
Sensor Sizes 20/25/35/65
Max. Temp up to 1175°C
Accuracy +- 0.5 % of Rate

Saturated steam and superheated Steam

Intra Automation Steam Pitot Tubes Flowmeters
ITABAR type: IBFD flow sensors for saturated steam and superheated steam have proven their qualities in all areas of power generation and industrial and process technologies.
In order to guarantee the greatest possible operational safety, ITABAR sensors are manufactured and tested in accordance with the Technical Guidelines for Steam Vessels (TRD) and / or the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code.

  • Pipe diameters:
    • 40 - 1000 mm (IBFD) (1,575 to 40 inch)
    • 100 - 600 mm (IBFD-HT/- HTG) (4 to 24 inch)
  • Operation conditions IBFD
    • max 550 °C at 40 bar (higher operating data on request)
  • Operation conditions IBFD-HT/-HTG
    • 160 bar at 590 °C
    • 400 bar at 300 °C