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WAS Pig Detectors

WAS pig detector signal flag

General Description

The Pig Detectors of the Serie M are designed to detect the passage of spheres, steel body pigs and all urethane pigs in pipelines and liquid meter provers with a mechanical operated actuating mechanism.

The Pig Detectors of the Serie M can be used in all types of pigging systems, the display is done with an indicator flag, electrical signal or a combination of both display options.


  • Wide pressure range
  • Operation in both directions possible
  • Stainless design
  • Simple operation
  • Simple installation
  • Pressure balanced operation
    • Designed to ensure reliable operation by reducing the required spring force on the actuating shaft and providing so optimum response performance.
  • Product Isolation
    • The actuation mechanism is fully isolated from the media stream ensuring so protection against contamination.

Technical Details

Pig Detectors for all hard and semi-hard Pigs and Spheres

Medien:gases, low viscosity liquids
Pressuremax. operating pressure 148 bar (2160 psi)
design pressure 200 bar (3000 psi)
Temperature: -20°C up to +80°C
Connections: Welding flange
Min. pipe diameter:52mm
Display optical; electrical signal; combination of both

Bidirectional operation


The M-Series pig detectors can be located at various positions on your pipeline such as valve stations or lateral connections. To display the passage of a pig, there are options with signal flag, electric signal or a combination of both.


WAS pig detector signal flag

Mechanical signal flag

The Pig detector type MM310 indicates the passage of the pig by a mechanically triggered signal flag. After triggering, the signal flag has to be reset manually.
This option is usually used when a simple method for indication is requested or if electric systems are not allowed.

WAS pig detector electric signal

Electric signal

The pig detector type ME320 uses an inductive sensor for detecting the passage of the pig and creating an electric signal. The signal can be displayed on a local display or in a control room. It can be also used for automated valve actuation systems.
The sensor is placed in a pressure- and medium-free part of the Pig detector and is certified for use in explosion protection zone 0/20.
The type ME320 is used in applications which require a reliable indication with a remote surveillance (underground, built-in systems etc.)

WAS pig detector signal flag and electric

Electric signal + flag

The type MME330 combines an electrical and mechanical indication of the pig passage. The mechanical signal flag has to be reset manually after triggering. The MME 330 is certified for use in explosion protection zone 0/20

Molchmelder Spezialausfuehrungen

Special Designs

Special designs according customer requirements can be designed and delivered

  • Extra sensitive actuation
  • Blind cover for welding flange
  • Connection to existing flanges
  • High pressure version up to 300 bar
  • Low temperature version up to -40°C
  • Optical signal display with extension for underground installation