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Rupture Discs


General description

Rupture discs are effective pressure relief devices. Berstscheiben-Schlesinger supplies

  • Rupture caps
  • High Pressure Rupture Discs
  • Clean Gas/ Pharmaceutical Rupture Discs
  • Composit-Ruptutre Discs for high and negative pressure
  • Reverse / Double site Rupture Discs
  • Signal transmitters

The Rupture Discs can be made of different materials (stainless steel, nickel, inconel, hastelloy, monel, titan, tantal)and also material combinations metal/PTFE. ATEX certificates optional.

Metal- / Composite-rupture discs

Schlesinger Rupture Discs

Rupture discs out of Metal/PTFE feature shatter-proof acition and therefore an ATEX certificate. Metal discs can be used for sensible application like Pharma-, or food & beverage industry.

  • Materials: Stainless steel, nickel, inconel, hastelloy, monel, titanium, tantal, etc.
  • Nominal widths: DN15 - DN900
  • Rupture-pressure: 0,5- 4000 bar g
  • Temp.: -196°C up to +480°C
  • Arced or flat design
  • ATEX certificate (optional)

Graphite-Rupture discs

Rupture discs avoid damages on vessel or under-pressure system and can be used for gasses and liquids. Graphite-rupture discs especially qualify for low-pressure applications

  • Materials: Graphite and stainless steel (fitting)
  • Nominal widths: DN25 - DN600
  • Rupture pressure: 0,7- 28 bar g
  • Temp.: -50°C up to +170°C
  • Complete designs or exchangeable graphite discs with reusable fitting

Signal transmitter

SCHLESINGER Signal Transmitter

Signal transmitters are ideal additions to rupture discs and explosion panels by sending a signal when the pressure relief device activates. SCHWING supplies different designs with conductive foils or light barriers for different applications and demands.

  • Sealings: Klingersil, Teflon, Gylon, Graphite
  • Nominal widths: DN 20 - DN 600
  • Temp.: -40°C up to +300°C