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W.A.S. supplies flow-measuring and -controlling systems for gases and liquids, including custody metering systems


Design, Manufacturing, Transport, Assembling
  1. Meterruns for fiscal flowmetering with differential-pressure meters
  2. Meterruns for fiscal flowmetering with ultrasonic meters
  3. Meterruns for process flowmetering with differential-pressure and ultrasonic meters
  4. Complete gas application-systems with multi-stage control and output constructions and backup systems
  5. Flowmeter systems for exhaust-controlling
  6. Flow measuring of fluegas in high-temperature designs

In co-operation with competent partners we offer all services including

  1. Planning and Calculation
  2. Manufacturing control and surveillance
  3. Supply of all core components
  4. Assembly
  5. Start-up and certifications

As W.A.S. has access to all primary technologies for gas-flow measurements, we are able to specify the best measuring method for the individual application.

Liquid Measurement

In co-operation with FMC / Smithmeters, W.A.S. supplies:

  1. Meterruns for fiscal measurements for oils and hydrocarbons
  2. Blending-systems including fiscal measurements at tank loading stations

Our services include planning, manufacturing, assembly and project management of the selected sub-assemblies of a tank farms and loading stations