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04.10.2016 New partner for rupture discs

WAS partnered with Berstscheiben Schlesinger, a german company which produces high quality rupture discs for various applications.

More details in Other/Rupture discs/Schlesinger

21.10.2015 Sierra Instruments launches new vortex meter series

Sierra Instruments launches new flow meter series 240i/24 li, a revolutionary product innnovation in the field of vortex-meters.

More details in Measuring/Gas/Lliquids/Vortex


WAS develops new dry gas filters for natural gas


WAS is now distributor for rotary displacement- and turbine gas-meters as well as dataloggers from METREG technologies.

More details in Measuring/Gas/Turbinemeters

22.04.2014 New liquid ultrasonic meters from MIB-Messtechnik

Was is the new distributor of MIB-Messtechnik GmbH. MIB specializes on contactless ultrasonic flowmeters for extremely fast dosage-, meter- and bottling -systems for industrial and gastronomical applications

More details in Measuring/Liquid/Ultrasonic

20.01.2014 New Partnership with Canalta LTD

WAS now distributes orifice-plate fittings and meterruns by Canalta Controls LTD, a canadian enterprise, specialised on single- and dual-chamber orifice fittings, as well as additional equipment for differential pressure meters.

More details in Measuring/Gas/Orifice-metering

06.05.2013 SIERRA Instruments using Profibus DP

The Low-Flow digital massflow-meter & controller series Smart-Trak 100, 101, as well as the high-flow industrial series 640S and 780S can now be equipped with the profibus DP bussystem for an easier integration in control systems.

More details in Measuring/Gas/Thermal

15.1.2013 SIERRA Instruments launches 640i / 780i Quadratherm Massflowmeter

The 640i and 780i are SIERRA Instrument's newest addition to it's thermal massflowmeter program.

The quadratherm massflowmeters feature 4 temperature sensors and represent the most accurate thermal mass flow metering solution possible. The "ITherm Brain" Software offers uniqe possibilities for this kind of massflowmeters, like free choice of different medias or pipe diameters.

Quadratherm Flowmeters are available as insertion- (640i) and inline (780i)-design. More details in Measuring/Gas/Thermal/High Flow Industrial

15.11.2012 Our new website is online!

We are proud top present our new website! The new design is optimized for faster and easier navigation, to provide you with all informations you need for selecting the perfect product for your filtration-, measuring-, or control application.

The search bar in the upper right corner shall help you finding the products you are looking for even faster.
The new "Request Quote" buttons are an easy and quick way for you to contact us for further informations or quotes for an individual product.

We would like to hear your opinion about our website and we are looking forward to your suggestions

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